1. Introduction

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by Alexis Leon

On Writing a Book is a book about writing books, more specifically writing technical books. This book is for all professional who are writing or planning to write a book. Writing a technical book, a book on a topic that you are an expert, might sound easy; but it is not. There are many hurdles and challenges that you have to overcome before you have the copy of the book in your hands and even then your duties as an author do not end.

In this book you will find comprehensive information about how to write technical books. You will find tips and tricks, tool and techniques, software and hardware resources, etc. that will assist you in becoming more productive. You will find strategies and techniques that will help you in marketing the book better and making it popular. You will also find information about how to make extra income and how to move up the career.

The tips, techniques and strategies discussed in this book are applicable to all who write technical books. The examples and case studies in the book will be mainly from computer science, information technology and management fields as they are my areas of specialization. But that will not prevent the readers from other fields (say medicine, commerce, or chemistry) in understanding the book as the examples will be generic and I will not be using any jargon.

This is not a site on how to get your book published. Even though the issues like how to find a publisher, how to write the winning book proposal forms and synopses, what are things that you should be aware of in the contract, etc. are covered, they are not the main objective of this book.

The primary audience of this book, as mentioned earlier, is people who are writing or are planning to write a book—a technical book. It will provide you information about how to organize and structure your book, how to add value to the information that you are providing, how to research and write more efficiently and effectively, and so on. It will make you more productive so that you can finish the books faster without compromising on the quality. The book will arm you with information and tools that will help you in improving the quality, visibility, and sales of the book.

I wish you all the very best in your writing endeavors and hopes that the inputs and knowledge that you gain from the book will help in making your book a bestseller.

[Note: This is the first draft of the book. I would require your comments, suggestions and feedback to make the book more useful, interesting, and as error free as possible. Please send your comments, suggestions and feedback to me.]

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