2. The Book Publishing Process

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by Alexis Leon

In this section we will see an overview of the book publishing process. A successful book project starts as an idea and ends as a printed book. There are different processes that the idea will have to go through before it becomes a book. Along the way, many ideas will fall apart or fail to reach the final stage. In many cases the final book may fail in the market. Most of these failures, both during and after publishing can be avoided with careful planning, detailed research, and effective time management. We will discuss these issues later. The purpose of this section is to familiarize you with the publishing process.

The Book Publishing Process

The different phases of the publishing process are:
1. Book Idea
2. Book Proposal
3. Proposal Review
4. Signing the Contract/MoA
5. Schedules, Milestones, and Deliverables
6. Writing
7. Technical Review and Manuscript Modification
8. Copy-editing
9. Author Review of Copy-edited Manuscript
10. Typesetting
11. Indexing
12. Proof Reading
13. Cover Design and Selection
14. Printing
15. Binding
16. Marketing & Promotion
17. Sales & Distribution

The book publishing process will vary considerably from publisher to publisher. But the phases given in this section will be present in most cases. We will see the different phases in more detail in the next sections.

[Note: This is the first draft of the book. I would require your comments, suggestions and feedback to make the book more useful, interesting, and as error free as possible. Please send your comments, suggestions and feedback to me.]

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