My name is Alexis Leon, your host. I am software consultant, industrial engineer, researcher, writer, reviewer, webmaster, and teacher—but not necessarily in that order. I did my master’s (M. Tech) and bachelor’s (B. Tech) degrees in Industrial Engineering.

After my studies, I became an Industrial Engineer at Pond’s India Ltd. After two years of practicing IE, I switched professions to a career in software development. I joined Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). After about 6 years, he quit TCS and co-founded Cybernet Software Systems Pvt. Ltd., a company that specialized in groupware and workflow automation. In 1997, I left Cybernet to start my own company along with my brother. I am the Managing Director of L and L Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd., which specializes in Software and Industrial Engineering consultancy.

I have written more than 40 books on computing, IT and management topics. Two of my books have been translated to Mandarin. I review books and productivity improvement tools (hardware and software) on my on-line book club—Pegasus Book Club. More about me can be found at my personal Web site—Alexis’s Ark, which also hosts my blog—Reflections of a Survivor.

I have been associated with the publishing industry for the last 12 years. I have done almost all the roles in the publishing industry including publisher, author, reviewer, copy editor, typesetter, cover designer, and so on.

Writing 40 plus books and performing the various pre-press and post-press activities has taught me a lot of things—tips, techniques and methods that will improve the quality of research, writing, making the book marketable, marketing strategies for authors. I learned several techniques that will help every author to improve their productivity and tactics that will help in improving the sales.

In this site, I share what I have learned during the last 12 years. I hope every author—novices as well as experts—will gain something from this site. I wish you every success with your writing.