On Writing an Article…

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    by Alexis Leon, 2 Comments

    Many people have asked me how I write the technical articles for magazines and blogs, book and product reviews, and the non-technical ones for my personal blog. In this article, I will try to explain my writing process.

    I usually write the posts for my personal blog straight from the heart, the only thing that I do is check for grammatical, style and usage errors. I usually keep it for one day and then read it once again and if I am satisfied, I post it.

    The book reviews, I write, after reading the book a few times. I note down the interesting ideas and thoughts, the good aspects, the areas where the author could have improved, and so on. The next thing I do is to give a ‘one-to-two’ sentence description of each chapter or section depending on the nature of the book. Finally, I conclude the review with my recommendation—for whom the book will be useful and how useful it will be. Usually I also comment on the readability, the layout, the binding, how the book could have been improved, etc.

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