Typing Tutor

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    by Alexis Leon, 3 Comments

    Today with computers becoming part of our lives, all of us have to do a lot of typing. I have observed many people using the keyboard and found that the majority use only 1, 2, 3 or maximum 4 fingers to type. They also have to look at the keyboard while typing to type without mistakes.

    Touch-typing is the art of typing without looking at the keyboard. When you are a touch typist you will use all your fingers to type. You will use the correct fingers to strike the correct keys. You will increase your typing speed and your productivity. You will reduce the number of typing errors. You will do all these without looking at the keyboard–that is the beauty of touch-typing. Till now, mostly stenographers, personal assistants, secretaries and other data entry operators have practiced touch-typing.

    In today’s competitive world where everyone is required to work on a computer, the single finger or two finger typing will not do. Every one who uses the computer (especially the information worker who uses it for performing almost 80% of his/her tasks) needs to learn how to type correctly—i.e., learn touch-typing. Touch typists can do more work in fewer hours, giving them extra time to devote to other tasks as their typing speed will increase many times.

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